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SURVIAC has existed as a Government Owned, Company Operated (GOCO) center of excellence for survivability, lethality and homeland security since 1984, operated by Booz Allen Hamilton. The IAC program is managed as a part of the Defense Technical Information Center, DTIC.  SURVIAC consists of two major parts; the SURVIAC Core, located at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio and the SURVIAC Contract Vehicle for sole source delivery orders for Technical Area Tasks, (TATs). 

The basic philosophical shift going forward is to separate the IAC into two distinct contracts under the new heading of the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC). One contract is for the Basic Core Operation (BCO) to manage the libraries, collect and analyze data and respond to inquiries from throughout the DoD community. The SURVICE Engineering Company was recently awarded the contract to run the BCO. This new BCO construct allows for Core Analysis Tasks or CATs. Challenging technical problems that are beyond the scope of a basic BCO 4-hour inquiry can be solved by initiating a CAT. The second contract is for a DSIAC Multiple Award Contract (MAC). The MAC is a collection of prime contractors, who competitively bid on new delivery order TATs. The DSIAC MAC is expected to be awarded between now and Summer 2014. Both key parts of the SURVIAC contract continue; The Core continues until April 8, 2014 and each TAT continues until the end of the TAT's period of performance. To maintain the continuity of service to the DoD community, a transition period will exist during which time Core operations will be phasing in the new BCO construct and redirecting requests for products and services to SURVICE Engineering. We will continue to keep you apprised of the progression of SURVIAC to DSIAC (new email addresses, website address, new phone numbers, etc.) on our website and E-News. 

For a more detailed discussion of the IAC Program way-ahead, to get the latest official information, and to track progress on the procurement, please visit the DTIC Website at  Until further notice, you may continue contacting SURVIAC at (937) 255-3828 or email at
SURVIAC is the DoD’s institution for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating  scientific and technical information (STI) related to all aspects of survivability and lethality for aircraft, ground vehicles, ships  and spacecraft, to conventional homeland security threats including chemical, biological, directed energy, and non–lethal weapons. Global Hawk UAV
SURVIAC is a contractor operated, DoD sponsored service available to all government and industry users to provide studies, analyses, data gathering, and other operational, and logistics requirements related to survivability and lethality technologies.

SURVIAC Provides:
  • An extensive library of relevant survivability and lethality
  • Database of historical combat damage
  • Free subscription to our SURVIAC Bulletin newsletter
    (see our inquiry page for distribution restrictions)
  • Access to approved set of models and simulations
SURVIAC Support- When interest in our products and services warrants, we will come to your location. We bring a variety of information sources including:
  • SURVIAC Information Briefing
  • SURVIAC booth and promotional materials
  • Survivability training and awareness courses created and conducted for your particular needs
  • Training on specific SURVIAC distributed models

SURVIAC is a DoD Information Analysis Center (IAC) sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) with support from several organizations including the  Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO) and Joint Technical Coordinating Group on Munitions Effectiveness (JTCG/ME)

SURVIAC is supported with facilities and a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) from the
96th Test Group, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH and ESG/PKS (DTIC Flight) at Offutt AFB, NE.

Download the SURVIAC Informational Brochure (.pdf format)

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