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Vol. 7 No. 49
Survivability/Vulnerability News and Events
10 Dec 09

SURVIAC E-News is an electronic publication that presents items of interest to members of the survivability/vulnerability community.  If you have an upcoming event, an S/V-related publication or website, or anything that might be of interest to the SURVIAC E-News audience, email us and let us know.

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  • DTIC 2010 - Call For Topics. DTIC's 36th Annual Conference, "Celebrating 65 years of Providing Access to Defense Information," is scheduled for 22-24 March 2010 at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia.  DTIC would appreciate your input on issues, developments, or systems of interest to you as well as your suggestions about appropriate individuals who can speak authoritatively on the topics.  DTIC welcomes your ideas to enhance our annual conference and would appreciate your input by 11 December 2009.  Please email your suggestions to the following address: confinfo@dtic.mil.   

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